Patrick Gracewood artist and sculptor

carved relief sculpture of St Francis in an orchard

Artist Statement

I carve space, materials, and time to create sculpture.

For over twenty years, I designed architectural sculpture for new buildings and restored historic terra-cotta facades. This professional work influenced my own fine art, philosophically and technically.

The classical nature motifs used as architectural ornament: acanthus, oak, laurel leaves, fruit-and-flower garlands represent a long tradition honoring the relationship between civilization and nature. Human beings inherently crave the comfort of civilization and the vitality of nature. The combination of nature, sculpture and architecture is our cultural DNA.  

My art continues the classical tradition; my designs connect the natural and the built environments. In a modern world of concrete and virtual experiences, I want this tradition of nature-inspired art to survive. I believe that art about our relationship with the living Earth is art that will speak to future generatio

Patrick Gracewood

Studied Drawing and Sculpture at California State University, Long Beach, Ca.  1975 -1980

Designed and sculpted for the manniquin and visual display industries. 1980-1983 Los Angeles

Designed and sculpted special effects makeup and sets for film and television.1984-1987 Los Angeles

Designed and sculpted architectural sculpture for new and historic renovations. 1989-2010

Founded Gracewood Studio in 1990. Portland OR. Gracewood Studio features Patrick’s fine art sculpture. The studio also offers design and sculpture services to architects, and designers. Patrick works with clients to create meaningful commissioned art.