A Garden in the Old Quarter, Kyoto

Memories of being in the old section of Kyoto, Japan.
Dark wooden buildings, narrow streets, wandering, turning a corner and encountering unexpected beauty. 

Carved relief sculpture 32 x 82 x 8 inches

large wood carving sculpture

Facebook Babylon

These endless fern blocks began as a filler for another project. That didn't work, but they kept telling me "Make more of us!" I did, but kept asking "Who are you?" This went on for quite a while...

I painted several blue and green, which evoked the Gates of Ishtar. Then I knew where the work was headed. 2016, the USA elected an ignorant man with the means to do great harm, a story as old as Babylon, but with the help of modern social media: Facebook Babylon

Carved wood relief 29 x 96 x 5 inches

Facebook Babylon, a large wood carving in the studio, almost finished. 


The Book of Miriam

A studio visitor saw the beginnings of this work and said, "It looks mysterious, like a fairy tale."  
It's ironic that the story of Mary, one of the female archetypes of Western Culture is also a fairy tale.
I made this sculpture as a book/cathedral to tell her story.


Orpheus and Eurydice

We know of her because of his love. We know of him because his music soothed the savage beast and changed the course of rivers. His music could even stop or reverse time. If only while the music plays. Carved wood relief 45 x 29 x 5 inches


Her Husband's to Aleppo Gone

This line from Shakespear's Macbeth captures the curse and the plight of the Syrian refugees.

Carved wood relief 38 x 83 x 5 inches


To Grandmother's House

Public art commission from TriMet.

Dimensions x x x x x

Engineering, Design, and photos by David Bales

Study of sunlight on To Grandmother's House.


The Community Park Bronze

Bronze relief commissioned by the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington and the City of Ridgefield, WA. to celebrate the city’s centennial. This large bronze relief is the cornerstone of Ridgefield’s new Community Park. Set into a three ton basalt boulder, the bronze depicts the wildlife refuge on the Lewis River surrounded by a fruit and vegetable garland symbolizing the area’s agricultural heritage. 


 Finished clay model. Text will be carved into a plaster cast for greater letter definition.


Fitting the plaster model to the boulder at the quarry. It's easier to bring the art to a three ton boulder than it is to bring the boulder to my studio.