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Saint Francis by Patrick Gracewood ©2011

cast stone relief. 31.25 x 19.5 x 3.75 inches.

I love creating sculpture.

For over twenty years, I’ve designed sculpture

for new commercial buildings and participated in the restoration of historic, terra-cotta facades. This work has influenced my own fine art in both philosophy and technique.

The classical nature motifs used as architectural ornament ~ acanthus, oak, laurel leaves, fruit-and-flower garlands~ represent a long tradition of honoring the relationship between civilization and nature.  Human beings inherently crave both the comfort of civilization and the vitality of nature. The juxtaposition of buildings, sculpture and nature is deeply-rooted in our cultural DNA.  


My art is a continuation and a result of that classical tradition; my designs both draw from

and feed that cultural DNA of art that says we are directly connected to nature. My sculptures resonate on several levels of perception, each linking to this relationship between man and the living world.


In a modern world of steel, glass, and increasingly virtual experiences, I want this tradition of nature-inspired art to survive.

I believe that art about our long-standing relationship with the wild Earth is art that will speak to future generations.